Best and Most Affordable Solutions for Hosting Your APIs and Backend Services for Your Upcoming Venture!

Amir Kamali
8 min readMay 23, 2023

I’ve been getting quite a few inquiries from friends and fellow developers on how to kick off a project or set up publicly accessible APIs without breaking the bank. Noticing that there’s a scarcity of discussion on budget-friendly hosting services across forums and websites, I decided to pen this article to share some insights and solutions that I’ve come across in my career.

Brief History

As a freelance software engineer who did projects for clients, friends and family, I frequently encountered scenarios where my clients didn’t possess a dedicated website or server. This compelled me to delve into hosting solutions myself. Managing different hosting credentials for multiple clients was a considerable challenge, and finding cost-effective solutions became an immediate necessity.

In terms of technology, I predominantly write C# code and publish .NET Core APIs and use ASP.NET for backend services, I also use PHP and NodeJS time to time.

I’ve spent considerable time researching pricing structures, only to discover that Cloud providers are generally on the pricier side. While I could have launched a single project on AWS using their Free Credit option, this was not a feasible solution given the multiple websites I was handling.

In addition to the hosting aspect, every website or API service required a database, and as most of us are aware, database services are anything but cheap.

Then, there’s the question of bandwidth. I needed to ensure that I wouldn’t suddenly hit a bandwidth limitation or be saddled with increased costs should my small project take off and experience a surge in traffic.

Disk space was another crucial consideration. Many APIs and websites necessitate the uploading of numerous resources, not to mention the emails and their attachments. The last thing I wanted was for an important email to be rejected due to insufficient space. Consequently, I needed a hosting service providing at least 1TB+ of storage to put my worries about running out of disk space at bay.

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